Cosmic Yoga Community Presents :

Access Your Divine Sensual Sovereignty with Shukurat

Embrace your sensuality, learn the sacred arts of feminine alchemy. Grace, Charm, Mystique, Sophistication, Elegance and Energy shifting to create the life you truly desire. Enhance your phenomenal power and enjoy a life filled with radiant Feminine Magnetism.

It's time to reclaim your magnetic power.

What to bring:

  • Feather/scarf
  • Something to “charge” (crystal, totem, etc.)
  • Dress sexy underneath yoga clothes
  • Candle
  • Pen/Paper

Shukurat, my name, translates into “give thanks” in Arabic. Graduate of The School of womanly arts, Creatix, Mastermind alumni. I’m dedicated to helping you achieve the life you desire. I love to help women connect with their divine magic. I have an empathetic soulful nature; I inspire my treasured participants to feel ultimately empowered. My mission empowers each woman to understand her divine strength while feeling beautiful and powerful in her body. Removing hurt and replacing it with pure pleasure. Bring the Sensual Arts of the courtesan into the lives of modern-day women. As a Coach and Pleasure Activist, I’ve honed my skills by understanding the incredible power of sensual energy. I’ve become skilled in using this power as a life force, propelling me into the ultimate experience of empowerment and rapture…and I want to share it with you.

Invest in your pleasure: $60

2/27 :: 9 pst /10 mst/ Noon EST
(90 mins)